A weekly roundup of shit you wish you thought of. IDEA ENVY 5.30

  1. Gold Striped Manicure – this delicate mani is the perfect counterpoint to overzealous nail art that’s constantly clogging our news feed. Been looking for metallic nail tape? Thankfully, the research has been done for us.
  2. Root Beer Floatsicles – so the word “floatsicle” doesn’t exactly role off the tongue, but I wouldn’t think twice about trying this warm weather treat.
  3. Extra Long Double Ponytail – an almost-too-easy updo that gives the looks of extensions without wreaking Kardashian-style havoc on your hair.
  4. Indigo Dye Napkins – the second summer rolls around I want to tie-dye everything in sight. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon this slightly more refined, DIY option.
  5. Most Stylish Instagram – if you’re sick and tired of scrolling past bouquets of Mayfaired peonies, and Lo-Fied paleo dishes, this article’s for you. The CFDA has dubbed a handful of Instagram accounts “most stylish”… happy coveting!
  6. Robyn and Royksopp Mini Album – OK so it’s not an idea per se but go ahead and download this baby album as soon as possible. And remember, you are forever indebted to that friend who once said, “Hey, have you ever listened to Robyn?”

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